As a lifeguard, you can never be too prepared for work. Having the right lifeguard supplies on hand at all times of the day can be the difference between saving a life and disaster. Whether it is an adult who went too far out into the ocean and requires assistance, or a young child that doesn’t know how to swim and requires immediate attention, having the right lifeguard supplies on hand will allow you to get to the individual as quickly as possible, and provide the necessary attention to potentially save a life. Aquamentor offers all of the supplies you need in one place. It is essential for any lifeguard to be properly equipped at all times, so that he or she may be ready to go at a moment’s notice. It is also crucial that this equipment be as efficient as possible; a paddle buoy which allows you to get to the victim more quickly without having to exert too much force is going to better equip you to save a life. Of course, you need practice as a lifeguard as well. With a training mannequin, you can practice CPR or towing a swimmer to safety, among other things. A diving brick is also a great item to have on hand, whether it is to get a better view of the pool (or beach), or simply to practice deep water diving skills.Whistles are used on a daily basis. You want one that is loud, can easily be heard, and one that will sound the second it hits your mouth. The same goes for a neck lanyard, which you should be able to trust to be durable against harsh conditions. Whether working as a lifeguard at the beach, a kiddie pool, or any other facility, it is imperative to be prepared at all times. Even the supply isn’t used on a daily basis, you want to have it on hand in the event it is required. When shopping for new supplies, Aquamentor is your one-stop shop for high quality, affordable lifeguard supplies.

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