ADA Equipment

At Aquamentor, we take our distribution of ADA Equipment very seriously. Our company was founded on the desire to help people of all abilities learn how to swim and be comfortable in and out of the water. We offer a wide range of products specifically designed for swimmers with disabilities. Swimming is a refreshing sport and pastime that everyone should be able to enjoy regardless of their limitations. These helpful products allow people with disabilities the chance to take part in a variety of pool activities, such as aquatic therapy.

ADA pool products are essential when it comes to aquatic therapy for individuals with disabilities, as they are an excellent solution for people of all ages who suffer from a disorder or injury. Many individuals who have a disability are often stuck in a cycle of pain and depression, which causes them to limit their social interaction and any type of physical activity they are still capable of doing. Aquatic therapy is a great way to bring new hope to these individuals by allowing them to take part in an invigorating and relaxing activity that will enhance their physical and mental well-being. Exercises that are performed in the water can be enhanced and adapted in order to meet the individual needs of the patient. The water naturally allows the person to move freely in ways that they are unable to when they are outside of the pool. Plus, the warm, soothing water can help to eliminate everyday aches and pains for those who are usually confined to a bed or wheelchair. Even if the patient does not take part in a vigorous physical routine, they can still benefit simply by sitting and relaxing in the water.

Our inventory includes pool and all-terrain wheelchairs that are designed to take on whatever adventure you are willing to go on. You can enjoy travelling to the beach, park or camp grounds and explore more than you ever thought possible. The specially-made wheelchairs include unique features, such as slide out footrests, quick disassembly and floatation wheels with non-corrosive nylon bearings so that you can enjoy the water with ease. We also have an assortment of swim lifts and easy-access stairs for disabled and handicapped individuals that will help make a day at the pool much easier. Swim lifts are incredible devices that are essential for water therapy and pool exercises for individuals who are confined to a wheelchair. They make an ideal addition to public pools which allow all visitors to have access to water activities with no limitations.

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