This exciting generation of cleaners from Aqua Products sets a new standard of durability and is easier to use and maintain. The DuraMAX RC cleans floor, walls and waterline, and can filter up to 4,800 GPH, as well as clean up to 8,790 square feet per hour. This top selling DuraMAX cleaner has a single pump motor, dual drive motors and extended body design for great performance. The 4-way wireless remote controls helps with cleaning hard to reach areas.


The DuraMAX product line presented here is a direct result of nearly 30 years experience with over 1 Million Aquaproducts Robotic pool cleaners sold worldwide.  The culmination of wear and tear, harsh environment, aggregate surfaces, multiple pool usage, and varied pool configurations, were all taken into account in the total design process. Engineered for maximum durability, reliability, longevity, and performance, DuraMAX™ is the next generation of heavy duty commercial robotic pool cleaners.

When you buy a new pool vacuum or order replacement parts for an existing vacuum, ask to be enrolled in our “Preferred Customer Service Discount Program”. Whenever you place your Aquaproducts pool vacuum parts order or buy a new vacuum through us, you will receive a 10% discount on any service parts for the life of ownership (labor charges excluded).

Trade-in any old commercial pool vacuum when you buy a new commercial cleaner from us, and we’ll give you a credit from $100 to $300 off the purchase of a new one, depending on your trade-in!  Call us today and find out how much your old commercial vacuum is worth.

When choosing a new vacuum cleaner for your facility consider the following criteria:


  • Length,width, and shape of the pool.
  • What is the inner surface made of, e.g., concrete, vinyl, painted, or tile?
  • Is there a zero entry to your pool?
  • Do you need a bottom cleaner only or do you need a wall climber?
  • Are there any special problems such as: sand, leaves, hair, etc?
  • Are there any obstructions such as: drain covers, water features, lane lines, ladders?
  • How big is your bather load?
  • Is your maintenance staff familiar with routine servicing and daily cleaning of your equipment?


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