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A rescue tube is a cornerstone of any aquatic facility.  It’s also the most important tool a lifeguard can have.  At Aquamentor, we believe that every tube should be durable, lightweight, and contain useful features that extend the life of a tube.  With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce our latest and most advanced tube yet, the ExoTube®.
The ExoTube® incorporates a tubular nylon mesh that completely encases the foam body of the tube that before we dip it in our polyurethane coating, greatly increasing the grip, durability, and overall life of the tube.  Whereas a conventional tube lasts for weeks or months before it cracks and tears, our product is backed up by a 3-year limited warranty and lasts for years.
All tubes are easily damaged by being left on the floor of a facility, or by being leaned against a wall with the strap wrapped around the tube.  The ExoTube® addresses this in two ways: we connect a D-Ring between the shoulder harness and the tube, providing a convenient way for a guard to hang the tube up when finished with his/her shift.  To manage the shoulder harness, we provide a slim piece of velcro that allows the guard to roll up the strap when the tube is not in use.
We’re proud to not only manufacture the most advanced rescue tube in the world, but to also make it right here in the US.  We also take steps to make sure that our raw materials and parts are sourced domestically, as well.  
Please contact us if you have any questions about the ExoTube® or any of our other products.  Thank you for visiting Aquamentor.com!